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Spirituality Can Help Make You Healthier

Spirituality, religion, and prayer can play an important role in wellness. That's not just the point of view of spiritual practitioners but rather the findings of a growing body of research.

Much of that came to light at a conference of spiritual caregivers held at the New York Academy of Medicine in March 2014. Whether treating people with serious illness or helping those who are well stay that way, spiritual care has the potential to be a powerful intervention in patient care, according to some of the research presented at that conference.

While there’s been an increase in data and research on the subject, what complicates matters a bit from a scientific perspective is the difficulty in defining spirituality in a concrete, measurable way. We typically understand it as connecting to something larger than yourself and your worldly, material concerns, or seeking and connecting to something transcendent or sacred, but there’s no universally accepted standard of what that means in practice. For some people, it could involve the rituals of organized religion, of adhering to a belief system as well as having a sense of community and support. It could mean talking about your situation with a chaplain — a priest or other religious leader who performs services for the military, universities, hospitals, or other institutions. For others, spirituality might center on a quieting, transformative, individual meditative practice.

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